This project was with a small team with all of us having different roles, it ran alongside the off the map competition so I was working with a lot of teams at that time. I learnt a lot about working with a team throughout a large project on this one, especially working with programmers as the off the map team was entirely artists. We knew we had to have a distinctive art style that everyone could manage so we kept it simple but effective. We also wanted to keep it appropriate for all ages so we avoided violence in the game and used friendly and soft pastel colours. We designed and built this game over 24 weeks part time with several different modes and a three maps. There was the circus which is shown above, a space level called wall-rider with an exclusive game mode where the player would race to the finish while avoiding falling to their death, and finally a near finished volcano level that was cut out just before we presented the game. The game was created very smoothly and the whole team pulled together on this one, I feel it was a very successful project.