This project was created in my second year of University. The brief was split into two categories, first we would design a vehicle and then we would create a tiling and endless environment, together with those two we would make an endless runner. The theme for this year was Mortal Engines which is  a book about a steampunk world where massive moving cities roam along a post apocalyptic wasteland searching for smaller cities to “eat” for parts. The books quite interesting and encouraged me to think outside the box. I thought it would be cool to see where people would have run from those in the cities and based my level underground in tunnels and caves. It was a challenge to create a tiling environment that was 360 degrees along the walls but I enjoyed it a lot more because I had to solve that problem. I chose an airship as the vehicle so it could navigate the uneven environment and also because it suits the story of Mortal Engines very well. I found that it was the mix of smaller and larger details that help to create a believable model. And this project was a lot of fun because we were able to make a game in the end.