(Amo Amas)

Technical artist



This is an ongoing project for Amo Amas, it is currently unfinished and will hopefully be released later this year. My job has been to get all the art imported into the Unreal Engine and handle its implementation in code while also doing art and design alongside as an artist. I designed and created the character in the screenshots above, created and implemented all its animation and rigging, handled soft body physics setup and IK setup for the legs, created the combat system, helped to define the art style and created shaders and post processes to ensure the game looks consistent and much more, plus I created many environmental art assets. I have learnt an awful lot over the course of this project and it has helped me to maintain a very good knowledge of the Unreal Engine. I have found that my art theory knowledge has been vital on a project with a very specific art style, I have used plenty of colour theory and compositional techniques to direct the art style as the geometry is very simple and I feel I have benefited as an artist because of it. Its also nice to get to work with the code implementation of the assets as well, it is unique to be on a project on both the technical and art sides and it has greatly helped my understanding of how to construct a game and what a game does. I look forward to its completion.